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The average business person has at least 30+ key opportunities every year to connect and establish truly valuable ongoing business relationships with ‘specific accomplished individuals’ they inadvertently encounter throughout the year, whether they are aware of this or not.


You know who these people are when you meet them, however, the science of opportunity can be somewhat unpredictable, which is why if you only have a generic-looking paper business card  (like EVERYONE else) or worse no card at all … and you’ll inevitably keep missing all of these opportunities altogether.


We’ve all been in that unfortunate situation far too many times and for many it is a situation they regularly keep finding themselves in.


However, just imagine if you were able to ‘really-truly-powerfully-connect’ with even 10-20% of these key-people you encounter each year … the ‘considerable difference’ it would make to your business and life overall would be extraordinary.

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Understanding and using the 80/20 Business Card Stack is a proven method to ensure that you’ll never again miss even one of these most valuable opportunities in the future. 


Unfortunately the reality for most people is that they miss almost every one of these incredible connection opportunities, one after the other throughout each year, oblivious to anything different. 


However, it’s factual secret (Shhhh) that if you use ‘metal alongside paper' in your stack when these opportunities arise and you choose to introduce yourself with metal … you’ll quickly start to connect and build relationships with these key people in a far more powerful and engaging than you’d ever imagined possible. 


There truly is a magic and real power to a custom metal business card, especially in comparison to paper. Metal is so much more than just a new ‘fancy-looking card’.


When you choose to introduce yourself with a custom metal business card, people REALLY value them, they are always surprised, most people have never seen them before, they talk about them, they keep them, they show them to others and usually they’ll always choose to work with you in some way in the future.



The 'key-to-the-magic' is to only introduce yourself with a custom metal business card to the ‘right people' and there’s nobody better to recognise these encounters and opportunities when they occur … than you.


Everyone else you meet along the way each day, simply gets one of the paper cards in your stack. None the wiser.


Use custom metal business cards in this way and you’ll quickly see the incredibly positive and valued effect they have with absolutely everyone you choose to give them too.


Which ultimately makes adding custom metal to your ‘business card stack’, not really an expensive luxury-item as many first think … but actually an ‘essential cost-effective business tool’ that will certainly be significantly more effective at influencing your degree of success in the future, than paper cards ever have, could or will be.


Greatly Enhance Your Success-Rate In Business in 2021. 


Get Started With Metal. 



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