For many many years (prior to the covid-related global events in 2020)  Mission Media Agency always highly recommended using an 80/20 blend of custom metal business cards in your stack. The reason was it was a powerful and proven way to get the most effectiveness and results from your investment in your custom metal business cards.

Nowadays, many of our clients have chosen to only use their metal cards with the safety-seals, whilst some other clients are choosing to continue using the 80/20 Business Card Stack (as described below)  because of how exceptionally well this strategy works overall.

It was always the #1 way to use Custom Metal Business Cards. But times have indeed changed.

If you would like to understand more and/or choose to continue using this type of blended-stack, please find a details explanation below for your information.

Initially when most people are looking at custom-metal business cards for the first time, they usually think about completely changing 100% from PAPER to METAL. Understandably they then start to consider that if they were to do this, the cost of every metal card would rapidly add up and before long would become far too expensive to be an effective ongoing option to continue with into the future.


We completely agree. The way of using metal cards we've just described ... we do not recommend, as this would never enable you to achieve the maximum ROI back on each and every card.


Let us introduce a highly-effective practice we've always recommended to ALL our clients called an 80/20 Business Card Stack. 


What this means is that 8 out of the 10 business cards that you carry with you should always be PAPER ... whilst the remaining 2 cards should always be METAL.


For most of the people you’ll meet everyday, you’ll only ever need to introduce yourself with a PAPER card, however, each year (according to our experience) you’re going to meet approximately 50 key important people that can potentially have a significant influence of your business, finances and success ... and it’s at these special meetings that it's best to introduce yourself with your metal card.

Consider the fact that 80% of your business in the future ... will generally come from just 20% of your clients and Custom Metal Business Cards quickly become very cost-effective and an almost essential business tool to have, especially when used discerningly and only with your most important and valuable business contacts.

When you introduce yourself with a CUSTOM METAL BUSINESS CARD the effect is always very profound indeed.


A VERY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE to an introduction made with a PAPER card.


As a final point, t's also worth considering that the average cost of a custom metal card is approximately 4-9NZD depending on options. 


This makes each card far too valuable to give to absolutely everyone ... however when your METAL cards are only given to important people as we've recommended above, the CPC (cost per card) quickly becomes far more acceptable and actually a very worthwhile investment, especially knowing you'll be starting valuable high-quality business relationships each and every time you choose to introduce yourself with metal.

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