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Base-Steel is what we call our slightly-smaller-than-standard custom metal business cards which are sized at 75x50x0.3mm.


This very effective metal business card size, enables us to reduce the all-inclusive cost per card from the standard sized 4.95NZD+GST to a much more affordable cost of 3.95NZD+GST.


All the same alternate metal-types (Black-White-Copper-Brass) are available in this card size.

There are also a range of additional layer effect upgrades that can be added to enhance the finish of your custom metal business card in a variety of different ways.


All the pre-designed cards shown in our 2022 Custom Metal Shop are all available in this slightly smaller 75x50x0.3mm 'base-steel' size ... so please use the complete range of card designs as reference.

All you need to do to get started is order the Artwork Design + 3 Samples and our media experts will then be able to create a personalised mockup design with the card design of your choice and you're business's brand and details for you to review and give feedback on.



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