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THE RICHARD TAYLOR INTERVIEW                                 


Over the years the team here at Mission Media Agency, have been very fortunate to meet and connect with a tremendous amount of truly extraordinary and inspiring people in a wide variety of businesses, sports and professions.


None more so than when we were given the opportunity to visit Weta Workshop in Wellington, New Zealand to interview Richard Taylor the CEO, CoFounder and Creative Director, responsible for the modelling, sculpting, costumes, weapons and practical creature-effects for an mind boggling range of movies such as Lord Of The Rings, King Kong, Avatar and soooooo many more.

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The Wild Side News Team's interview with Richard Taylor the CEO, Co-Founder & Creative Director of WETA Workshop all started with a simple idea to see if it was possible for us to go on a journey directly into the heart of imagination, to meet the extraordinarily creative talents who brought us the original game-changing Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and sooooooo many more truly amazing movies since to stunning life and ultimately built a diversified and hugely respected world-class film industry, right here in New Zealand. Originally, we imagined that of all the truly extraordinary people in NZ we'd like to meet, if we could choose, we would undoubtedly like to meet the team at Weta Workshop in Wellington. We remember so well, growing up in the UK in the early 80s escaping a tough reality with movies, sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, imagination, comics, video games, adventure and of course playing dungeons & dragons with books, dice, lead figurines and repeatedly watching the very old and obscure animated version of Lord Of The Rings (1978) from Ralph Bakshi, which inspired us all to start imagining what Middle Earth would really be like. At that young age living in England, we had absolutely no idea that our journey in life would see us travel halfway round the world to a land that was in fact the real Middle Earth and have the opportunity to live our lives in this truly extraordinary land of the long white cloud #Aotearoa It was in 2001 here in New Zealand, when the original movie The Lord Of The Rings : The Fellowship Of The Ring was initially released by Wingnut Films & Weta Workshop, that we first saw our 'much loved imaginary world come to wonderous life' in the cinema, the impact was overwhelmingly powerful and tremendous. To see with our own eyes for the first time, a world that we had only been able to previously imagine, come to such extraordinary reality imbued with such heart, right in front of our eyes was beyond profound, life-changing and surreal. Whilst watching LOTR (2001) at the cinema, quickly the magical realisation dawned upon me ... that we were living in New Zealand ... which was indeed the #Real #MiddleEarth ... a fact that still amazes me everyday when I look around this wondrous land and is something that we should all greatly appreciate and feel blessed about for a lifetime. In the world of today it’s a fact, that we all wholeheartedly have Wingnut & WETA to thank for originally and fantastically taking Middle Earth from our imaginations and putting it directly in front of all of our eyes to experience like we never thought possible before. So when The Wild Side had the opportunity to speak directly with WETA Workshop in Wellington and they confirmed that they’d like to officially invite our team to come down to spend a #VerySpecialDay with WETA, tour the facility, meet their team, get involved and discover what really goes on behind the scenes ... it was was one of those truly amazing moments when life really does make you go #OMG #Wow #SurrealMoment ... before you very graciously (and quickly !) accept ! However at this point, we had been told that we only may-get-the-chance to meet Richard Taylor and ask him what his wisdom/motto is for living a truly extraordinary life may be. We had absolutely no idea that we would actually be getting the opportunity to properly meet, extensively interview on camera and become good friends with one of the great creative minds of our generation. From the very beginning the team at WETA were truly amazing and beyond expectation in every way from the very first phone conversation, to the special day at the workshop, the professionally filmed interview with Richard and everything that happened afterwards. In addition to the amazing support and invitation from Weta Workshop ... the Southward Car Museum also agreed to let The Wild Side have a Dodge Viper RT/10 Supercar to use and profile for the 7-days we were in Wellington. This was another truly amazing opportunity as this was the car that many of us dreamed of when we were young and had a small model version in our bedrooms. So for The Wild Side News Team, the opportunity to drive and profile such an absolutely #LegendarySupercar was truly an honour, a privilege and ultimately a dream come true #HugeRespect #SouthwardsCarMuseum All the extraordinary profiling opportunities that were given to The Wild Side News Team whilst we were in Wellington, were beyond amazing and undoubtedly made this profiling adventure ... the most extraordinary imaginable. We cannot thank everyone enough for their amazing confidence and support in making everything possible for us #AbsoluteLegends So take a moment to relax and enjoy watching the truly inspiring interview with Richard Taylor at his magical Weta Workshop office talking about his life, journey, heroes, inspirations and wisdom and you'll be sure to discover what it truly takes to live a life extraordinary.


Is it a documentary? A podcast with a strong visual element? Or a format all of its own? Whatever, this is a fascinating interview with Richard Taylor; on the quiet one of the planet’s greatest imagineers.


And there’s certainly nowhere else you can find Taylor, Ridley Scott, the Ray Harryhausen estate and representatives of the 2000AD universe all in the same place.


Jason has assembled something unique, cooler than Forodwaith!


May your beer be laid under an enchantment of surpassing excellence for seven years!



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Running Time : 62min

1 ) Welcome To The Wild Side Profile Series - S01E02 - The Richard Taylor Interview 2 ) Roy Batty - Nexus-6 Replicant - Rutger Hauer - Blade Runner (1982) 3 ) I've Seen Things You People Wouldn't Believe 4 ) Blade Runner (1982) 5 ) Ridley Scott - Director - Blade Runner (1982) 6 ) Tony Scott - Director (1944-2012) 7 ) Tony Scott - Director - The Hunger (1983) 8 ) Sharing Your Favourite Movies With Your Kids 9 ) The Goonies (1985) 10 ) Stand By Me (1986) 11 ) The Dark Crystal (1982) 12 ) Labyrinth (1982) 13 ) Hayao Miyazaki - Animator - Director - Screenwriter - Author - Artist 14 ) Star Wars (1979) 15 ) Thunderbirds (2015) 16 ) Thunderbirds (1966) 17 ) Having Part Of The Movie That You Connect With 18 ) The Matrix (1999) 19 ) Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971) 20 ) Why Film-Based Collectibles Are So Important 21 ) No Face - Spirited Away (2001) 22 ) Porco Rosso (1992) - Most Favourite Film Of All Time 23 ) Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind (1984) 24 ) Hammerstein - ABC Warriors - 2000AD Comics 25 ) 2000AD Comics 26 ) Hieronymus Bosch - The Garden Of Earthly Delights (1490-1510) - First Great Fantasy Artist 27 ) Roger Dean - English Fantasy Artist 28 ) Trigger Points That Sparked The Imagination 29 ) 2000AD Comics - Issue #1 - 26 February 1977 31 ) Judge Anderson - PSI Division - 2000AD Comics 32 ) Judge Fear - 2000AD Comics 33 ) Judge Fire - 2000AD Comics 34 ) Judge Mortis - 2000AD Comics 35 ) Judge Death - 2000AD Comics 36 ) Judge Dredd - 2000AD Comics 37 ) The Midnight Surfer - Prog 424 / 428 - 2000AD Comics 38 ) Cry Of The Werewolf - Prog 323 / 328 - 2000AD Comics 39 ) The Jigsaw Man - Prog 172 - 2000AD Comics 40 ) The League Of Fatties - Prog 172 - 2000AD Comics 41 ) Strontium Dog - 1981 - 2000AD Comics 42 ) Rogue Trooper - Prog 228 - 1981 - 2000AD Comics 43 ) Christopher Lee - Saruman The Great - The Lord Of The Rings 44 ) Ray Harryhausen - 1920/2013 - Legendary Pioneer Of Stop Motion Animation 45 ) Clash Of The Titans (1981) 46 ) Visiting Ray Harryhausen In England When Richard Was 25 47 ) Ray Harryhausen & Wife - Invited For 2 Weeks / Special Guest 48 ) Ray Harryhausen Gave 5 Hour Presentation To Staff 49 ) Ray Harryhausen Discovered Digital Animation For The First Time 50 ) Ray Harryhausen Given Lessons By Weta Digital Staff 51 ) The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad (1973) 52 ) The Valley Of Gwangi (1969) 53 ) Willis H. O’Brien - 1886-1962 - Original Inventor Of Stop Motion Animation Pioneer 54 ) Marcel Delgado - 1901-1976 - Revolutionary Sculptor & Model Maker 55 ) Mighty Joe Young (1949) - RKO Pictures 56 ) Peter Jackson - Director - Co-Founder of Weta Workshop 57 ) Peter Jackson - Original Harryhausen Armature Collection 58 ) Dinner With Christopher Lee & Wife Gita At A Local Wellington Restaurant 59 ) The Critical Importance Of Role-Models 60 ) Derek Medding 61 ) Tikia 62 ) Prof. Zhao Su Tong 63 ) The Magic Of Meeting Extraordinary People 64 ) It’s About More Than Talent .1 ) Passion .2 ) Enthusiasm .3 ) Tenacity 65 ) Always Be Bright-Eyed & Bushy Tailed 66 ) Two Distinctly Different Types Of People .1 ) Lookers 90% .2 ) Observers10% 67 ) The Heart Of The Geek .1 ) People That Love To Observe .2 ) People That Love The Oddities Of Life .3 ) We Are The Children Of Pop-Culture 68 ) If Their Story Isn’t Captured - These People Pass Away & It’s Gone 69 ) Everyone’s Life Deserves To be Told 70 ) A Chronicler Of Extraordinary People’s Lives 71 ) The Inventor’s & The Doers 72 ) There’s A Moment When We Go Wow 73 ) The Wild Side Profile Series - S01E01 74 ) Point Break (1991) 75 ) Alistair Hodgson - World Champion Freestyle Skydiver 76 ) Bojesse Christoper - Actor - Grommet - Point Break (1991) 77 ) Tom Sanders - Aerial Cinematographer - Point Break (1991) 78 ) Peter Iliff - Movie Scriptwriter - Point Break (1991) 79 ) The Story Of Your Life Is Timeless 80 ) Why Doesn’t Everyone Innovate? 81 ) We Are All So Lucky To Be Here 82 ) Purpose. Fill As Many Minutes With It As Possible Everyday 83 ) Why Doesn’t Everybody Innovate - Fearful Of Throwing Themselves At Failure 84 ) What’s The Essence Of Your Life 85 ) Words Of Wisdom .1 ) Give Before You Take .2 ) Be Mad To Stay Sane In This Crazy World .3 ) Never Expect Of Others What You Won’t Do Yourself 86 ) Inspire Others Beyond Their Own Expectations 87 ) Always Deliver Beyond What Is Expected 88 ) Leading By Example 89 ) Thanks For Joining Us At Weta Workshop 90 ) The Rise Of The Dwarven King Gnarly 91 ) Another Very Special Invitation 92 ) One Of The Most Extraordinary Dinners Ever 93 ) Invited Into The Heart Of Middle-Earth .1 ) The Riders Of Rohan Gateway Photo .2 ) Jason & Richard / Golden Statue 94 ) Dodge Viper RT10 - Thanks To The Southward Car Museum 95 ) The Wild Side Will Return


Whilst we were upstairs at Weta Workshop filming the interview with Richard Taylor, our cameraman Vlad Sbitnev was taken downstairs to the prosthetics dept and was duly transformed by the very talented prosthetics team into our very own Dwarven King Gnarly.  

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